Who We Are

Missouri / Kansas Italian Greyhound Rescue operates under Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation (IGRF) and follows their policies and procedures. IGRF is a national not-for-profit organization with volunteers all across the country. This organization takes in unwanted Italian Greyhounds (IGs) and place them in carefully screened homes where they are appreciated and loved as they deserve. We work in Missouri and Kansas and network with all other states. For further information, please visit Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.

IGs in our program come from a variety of sources but most are owner surrenders given up when the family is no longer able to keep their pet. The dogs are fostered in our families until the right home is found. Their personalities and health are evaluated, and we try very hard to match each dog to the right situation. Our adoptable dogs range from Italian Greyhound puppies to seniors and everything in between.

If you would like to adopt an Italian Greyhound, the first step is to research the breed to be sure they have the personality and traits you desire in a companion. IGs are wonderful pets but they are not your typical “dog” and many people find them too difficult, demanding and/or high energy. House training requires continuous reinforcement and supervision and they should NEVER be allowed off leash unless they are in a securely fenced area. One common misconception many people have is that puppies bond better and easier than adults when, in fact, it is actually the adults and more mature pups who bond most easily. To learn more about living with Iggys, please visit About IGs.

Adopting a friend from Missouri/Kansas Italian Greyhound Rescue

We do not adopt to homes with unaltered pets. We prefer a fenced yard for most dogs, we do make exceptions depending on the situation and on each individual dogs need but leashing is required and tie-outs are not allowed.. Your IG must be an indoor pet and a member of the family and you must be able to devote the necessary time and attention having a dog requires.  IGs are very social animals and do not do well left alone too much.

The adoption/approval process involves application, references and a home visit to meet the family and other pets and to see the environment.  All of this helps us match the right dog to your situation and needs as well as theirs. We want very much to make a satisfactory and successful match, and these steps are necessary in order to accomplish that goal.

All dogs are spayed or neutered, have been vaccinated, heartworm tested and any other medical needs addressed, including dentals if needed. We provide copies of all medical treatments the dog received while in Rescue. Adopters must sign an adoption agreement and pay an adoption donation.  These donations are returned to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Fund to provide medical care for future rescue dogs. The adoption fee ranges from $200 – $350 depending on the age of the dog.  The IGRF Rescue fund is maintained by the IGRF Treasurer and all donations are payable to IGRF. The IGRF Rescue fund is comprised of donations by IGRF members, those interested in the well-being of the breed, and adoption donations. IGRF Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued Italian Greyhound. Our application is a bit lengthy but it enables us to match the right dog to your situation and needs as well as theirs. We always strive for successful, permanent placements and in assessing your family and home we are better able to determine if a particular dog will ‘fit’ into your life based on their temperament and personality, which is to your advantage, so please provide as many details as possible. Thank you for your time in helping us.

You can download the form here and return to rescue representative Deb Pankau at kellersmom@hotmail.com.

Contact Us

If you would like further information about IGs or about our program, please feel free to contact rescue representative Deb Pankau at kellersmom@hotmail.com or visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/MoKsIGR.