Adoption Stories


We adopted Rudy in May 2013. To say he is remarkable and special is an understatement. He has had a long, and often painful road to get to where he is today. His microchip solved a few mysteries.

He was bred in a puppy mill, and sold in a pet store. Then he began to lose his sight and was dumped at a high-kill shelter. The dedicated volunteers at the MO/KS IG Rescue saved his life on more than one occasion. As if being a mill dog and going blind wasn’t bad enough, he was returned to IG Rescue by multiple owners! We honestly cannot fathom how anyone could spend one minute with this dog and not want to spend the rest of their lives with him. He is the most devoted and loving creature I have ever known.

So many people failed him in his life, and I knew the moment I saw his photo that he was meant to be our dog. It took him less than a week to memorize the layout of our house and yard. He is always up for a car ride, sniffing new places and meeting new people. He is the center of attention everywhere he goes. He is gentle, easy going, and the best snuggle buddy ever.

My husband and I frequently tell each other that Rudy is the best thing we ever did. We are frequently told by people who meet him and hear his story that he is lucky to have us. But we are really the lucky ones. It took him far too long to find his happy ending, but he finally found it with us!  We will love Rudy forever.

Scott and Shelly W. – aka “Team Rudy”


We have 3 fur kids from rescue. Our first, Ace was adopted to help our Iggy Ozzy recover from the depression left by the loss of his Iggy brother Jagger. We then began to foster for rescue and we adopted our 1st foster Dimitri because we fell in love with his quirkiness. We fostered quite a few after that until our 3rd, Tina came along. She’s a former puppy mill and needed extra love and understanding. All of the fur boys fell in love with her, even Ozzy who’s never liked girls. So we felt we were the best fit for her. She is still a little skittish around children but is coming into her own and is quite a silly girl. Becoming a part of and adopting from Missouri/Kansas Italian Greyhound Rescue has been very rewarding for us and for them. Our city only allows us to own 4 dogs so for now we can’t foster anymore. We do miss it and hope to do it again someday. – Pat


When I first saw Pepper, I had to steady myself and take a deep breath, because I had never, in 5 years of fostering, seen a dog so emaciated. He had very little energy and was skin and bones at 8.6 lbs; we were afraid he would break if he moved too fast. It was a slow process, but he gained weight steadily until he reached 13lbs, where he should have always been. As his weight improved, his hilarious personality showed itself. Pepper LOVES to talk, snuggle, run, and play. He fit in better than any other foster we had ever had, so the choice was clear, we had to make him a permanent member of our family. We love our silly Pepper! – Sarah N.

Rusty, Achilles, Charlie and Henry

I adopted 3 iggs from the igca rescue to add to my one (Rusty) I all ready had because the original owner was gonna have him put to sleep if they could not find him a home. So that led to me having my first buddy. Then decided he needed a friend and that’s when Achilles came into our lives followed by Charlie and Henry. Now I have 4 and they are the 4 best friends I can ask for! We all get along great and have fun everyday. It is a must to be under the covers at bed time which is nice because then I do not have to run the heat in the winter, like having 4 little heaters with ya, lol. Each has there own personality, which makes it fun. I can’t imagine my life without them. – Tom